Success with challenging project

We were pleased to advise a client on a long dead Oak tree sat on thier property recently. The subject tree sat within an area of shrubbery between a narrow driveway and a busy commuter road in addition to having multiple overhead power and phone lines in close proximety. Due to the condition of the tree, it would be unsafe to climb and operate on the tree so we would have to utilise a Mobile Elevated Working Platform (M.E.W.P).

All in all making for a challenging site!

To undertake this challenge, we liaised with a number of people including the local council, Western Power Distribution, the traffic management team, the equipment coordination team and of course the client.

On Friday 13th October, we arrived promptly on site and managed to safely reduce the subject tree in a matter of hours avoiding all risks using a M.E.W.P, a quad bike and trailer in addition to a mobile chipper. The client was happy with the result and we left the site with them smiling.

If your interested in how we undertook this project, do not hesitate to get in touch or browse our website which has a more detailed description on our 'Case Study' page.

Scott, a member of the Arboriculture team working on a M.E.W.P to reduce the dead Oak

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