Umberslade Arboriculture are here to support you and your trees. Our key aim is to deliver works that best suit your needs and those of the trees we work on.


Our first step when meeting you is to get to know you and your requirments. Wether it be to increase light in the garden, reduce the size of a tree which has overgrown its location, or complete removal for as part of a landscaping project.

With our support, we can identify the best type of work to carry out to suit your perfect outcome.

Umberslade Arboriculture can deliver a huge variety of tree works, the following desciption might help you to identify what may suit you and your tree best.






Pruning, Lifting or Thinning Operations

The majority of the work we deliver falls into this catagory.


A reduction in height and/or spread of the crown, while maintaining the natural framework of the tree, and leaving a similar, although smaller outline.

Crown reductions can be used to;

  • Reduce the mechanical stress on individual or multiple branches or the whole tree.

  • Reduce the size of a tree, outgrowing its imidiate enviromnment.

  • Reduce the effects of shading and/or light loss.

Lifting or Raising

Crown lifting is the process of removing lower branches from the main stem or reducing the outer reaches of low hanging branches.

Crown lifting is carried out to;

  • Allow access under the canopy of the tree.

  • Allow light around the base of the tree.


Crown thinning is the sytematic removal of smaller branches within the crown of the tree, it does not alter the shape or outline of the tree.

Crown thinning is carried out to;

  • Allow more light to pass through the tree.

  • Reduce the wind resistance of the canopy.

  • Reduce the weight of the canopy.


Removal of some or all dead wood within a tree canopy.

Dead wood is a benificial habitat in the environment, however we understand that it can present a significant risk.

Deadwooding is carried out when;

  • The deadwood within the tree presents a significant risk to individuals or property within the target area.

Tree Removal

It is sometimes neccessary to remove the whole tree, and our teams are trained to carry this work out in a number of ways.


Directional felling requires considerable precision and space to allow the tree to fall in one peice, it is carried out from the ground and the tree is then cut up and removed from where it falls. This is the quickest method for tree removal, but is not always the safest approach.


Also known as 'section felling'. The tree is removed in peices from the top down. This is often the most practical approach for domestic clients who may not have the space for an alternative method. Using this technique, the team can also use rigging equipment to lower the sections to the ground safely to avoid obstacles or damage to property.


Stump removal

In addition to the removal service,  we can remove as much of the stump as possible and leave you with a workable piece of ground to reuse. Please see our dedicated page for more details. 

Emergancy Works

The failure of part or all of a tree can be daunting for our clients, and Umberslade Arboriculture are here to help, the team are trained to deal with emergancy situations, and can advise and carry out works to minimise any further damages these emergancy situations can cause.

Windblown Trees

A windblown tree is a tree severly affected by the stresses of the weather, often causing failure of all or part of the tree itself, from broken limbs to snapped trunks.

Hung Trees

A tree with has partially fallen and is resting (hung up) within another tree or structure. Hung trees can be extreamly dangerous, and may fall at any time, they may also cause the supporting tree/structure to fail.

Fallen Trees​

Trees which have failed and have come to rest, supported by the ground. Often fallen trees pose more of an obstruction than a hazard, however these trees can be under high tension and require a skilled individual to remove safely.

Limited Access Works

We have a variety of equipment and solutions for working in limited access areas.

Waste Clearance

All waste can be removed from your location, either manually or mechanically.

Waste is either recycled or composed, so you can be certain it is managed in the most environmental way.

Umberslade Arboriculture is a registered lower tier waste carrier, allowing us to transport green waste.